Friday Night Pitchfire


Lots of great ideas were pitched tonight . . . and they were the following with very short descriptions. Final teams will be announced in the morning!

Express parents – Help parents educate themselves about parenting
Freelanceship – Help all people get internships
Winning our clean green future – Improve greening of schools nationwide
Studious – Finishing school for gaming industry
Social awakening games – Games with learning component
Classroom library – Book management for classrooms
Thirdeo – All videos no longer than 30 secs
Adventure builder – Event management builder
Modication – Motivation through education lockdown
Top2 – App aggregator for top hotels or restaurants not based on reviews.
Classroom starts now – Web apps for teachers to upload their info and for students to log in and see it as well
Imagine being better – Extended day school tech teaching for kids and application
Learn and play. Gaming for learning designed by the teacher
Aspire – Online Student Retention data analysis
English online – Interactive online education for English
Quantitative instructional design – Change the way people learn
Why did it go – Why did it go out of business, learn from failures
No tears no fears
Hands on science – Science that is hands on in special events
Lamp stack academy – Hands on php teaching
World star edu – Push articles showing real life relevance to what was taught that day
Money matters – Financial education for all levels
Eoutfitters – Online shopping made easy